Our Wedding: A very special guest

I have a very special relationship with my fraternal grandparents, Boompa and Bushy (names given to them by their grandchildren). I remember attending a party for their 50th wedding anniversary ten years ago and watching them dance together. They moved synchronously together, and as I looked at their faces, I could sense that they were still completely in love after 50 years of marriage, 12 children and 30+ grandchildren. I knew I was lucky to witness that kind of love first-hand, and I knew I too wanted to marry someone who would love me for the rest of my life. My grandpa passed away in May 2005, so he wasn’t at Rich and my wedding, but luckily my grandma’s overwhelming energy and love makes me feel his presence whenever I’m around her. I was so excited for my grandma to attend the wedding, and not surprisingly, many of our wedding guests wanted to make her an honorary member of their family by the end of our reception. My grandma let me borrow a ring given to her by my grandpa. It had a gold band and a ruby center stone surrounded by diamonds. I wore it the entire wedding weekend. My grandma wore the dress she wore to my parent’s wedding to our wedding. She spilled wine on the dress many years ago, and had an artist paint flowers down the front of the dress to cover the stains. During the ceremony, our family and wedding party processed down the aisle to Clair de Lune, and I didn’t realize until after the wedding that the Debussy composed song was her and my grandpa’s song. My grandma told me months before the wedding that she wanted to give a toast during the cocktail hour. My grandma started writing poetry to cope with my grandpa’s death, and she read the following poem at our wedding:
Marriage by Treva Lannan We had twelve children I feel proud and blessed. My husband was meticulous I was get it done he was articulate I stutter and stammer he was handsome on a scale of one to ten I’m maybe a six he was a great lover I’m a good cook. We both had tempers and control issues never a lot of money learned to make do we had sad and happy times managed to muddle through raised beautiful children respectful and loving. Was it easy — no Worth it? The best years of my life.
My grandma is a wonderful woman, and I’m so excited to visit her in Wyoming over Christmas. I love you Grandma!

4 thoughts on “Our Wedding: A very special guest

  1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing woman! I love her dress and the poem. She just looks so happy and full of life!

    A friend referred me to your blog since I recently moved to Omaha. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this, Candace… Luis says it best: Well, she’s an incredibly beautiful woman. :) These photos totally illustrate this. So glad you had her there. Love you guys!

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